Featured Design: Blushing Bride

The dress you see above looks nothing like what I originally designed. It was going to be cream, embroidered, and regal, with some lovely drop shoulder sleeves. But I had a problem, this creamy fabric didn't exist on a college student's personal budget. So browsing through the fabric store as was the new norm every weekend, I found something different but special. A soft buttery blush satin. It was heavy, it was high quality, and it was only $8 a yard. Jackpot!

I quickly went back to sketch the new vision, a softer vision. Instead of antiqued embroidery, she'll now have white floral lace hand-stitched onto the bodice and the skirt. I worked on the new dress, and the look was coming together. But every fitting with the model I felt that something wasn't quite right.

"It needs more poof!" I'd say. And although the layers and layers of tulle were pilling up, the grandeur was still lacking. One of my peers turned to me and suggested borrowing a hoop skirt from the university's costume shop. The place where the theatre department creates all of its costumes for the plays and musicals.

I crept down to the basement of the costume shop, they said it was haunted, and quite frankly... it probably was. But the ghosts must have taken kindly to me that day because out of the two hoop skirts down there one of them was absolutely perfect. This hoop skirt was covered in cobwebs and dead bugs, but it was exactly what this blush dress needed. I hurried out of the dark, damp basement, turning off the lights behind me hoping the ghosts wouldn't follow me out.

The day of the show had arrived and this dress was still not done! The past week I had been living in the sewing classroom, skipping classes as well as sleep and food, aspiring to make this collection perfect! But every time I looked at this dress the same thought came to mind, "There's something missing". Minutes before we needed to depart, I rushed to the dress with some little white buttons in hand, frantically hand stitching them to the back of the dress. I took a step back and finally! That was it. I bagged up the dress and we were off.

That spring night my blush dress was the last piece to walk the aisle of the runway. The model approached the entrance to the runway and at the top of the stairs with the crowd leaning up towards her she took a moment. I can still hear my heart beating loudly waiting to hear her ascend the steps. She breathed in, took her first step and glowed. She floated down the runway, beaming as the audience went wild!

Today Blushing Bride hangs in the closet bursting out of her garment bag, anticipating the day when she will grace an aisle once again. When you wear her, for just a moment, close your eyes. You might just hear the crowds cheer as you walk towards your future.

More Details and Purchasing the Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride is made from a blush satin with an embroidered lace that was hand appliquéd onto the bodice and the bottom of the skirt. The inside of the dress is lined with a fun pink lining and has layers and layers of tulle. Boning and bust cups are sewn into the bodice of the dress to provide you with the support you want on your wedding day without the need for a strapless bra!

There are two ways you can purchase this dress:

1. Purchase it at my Etsy shop: Click Here

2. Book an appointment to try on the dress in the Vancouver, WA area. If this is the gown for you, you will be able to purchase her from me directly. For more info: Click Here

The original hoop skirt was borrowed for the show. Because of this, the dress does not come with a hoop skirt. If you wish to have the same level of volume depicted in the images above (or more!) I have linked a hoop skirt made from 100% cotton that would do the trick:


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