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With Christmas approaching and the new year just around the corner, I am happy to announce that the portfolio dresses are coming out of the studio closet and one by one will be ready for you to purchase and wear!

Each dress has only been worn once, either in a fashion show or on the set of a photoshoot. I'm not going to hide the truth and say that the dresses went through these events unscathed. There are some that continue to look and feel brand new, while others... let's just say I've got some stories to tell!

In light of these stories, and as I sell these glorious pieces to women looking for a unique gown for her wedding day, prom, or other special events. I've come to enjoy the idea of sharing the adventures behind each dress. Including what I have done to fix or even update them to meet the high-quality standard I take so much pride in today.

As the months go by I hope to intrigue your interest in these dresses and give you something even more than couture design and quality. I want to give you meaning and show you the love that went into each and every one of these dresses. I'm taking you on a backstage journey of my design process, the hurdles I went through, the last-minute details that were put in, and the near disasters avoided!

What a better way to be more connected with your special gown than to have the story of that gown documented for you! I look forward to sharing these stories with you, and if you haven't already please subscribe to the blog and the email list to receive updates on this process!

Be on the lookout for the first Featured Design: Blushing Bride

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