Romance At Abbey Road Farm: Part 1

On March 17th, a group of amazing wedding professionals and myself got together and put on one of the most breathtaking and romantic fake weddings I have ever witnessed! After 4 months of planning and an 8 hour shoot, our goal of creating a romantic environment to showcase all of our unique talents came to life!

The day started with Joni from Joni Loraine Photography taking beautiful detailed shots of all the bouquets and accessories. When I got the photos back from this collaboration, my jaw dropped! Joni is so talented, she just has a way with the camera! Her eye for detail is breathtaking, and she works so well with others. Joni was able to put our couple at ease with her clear direction and encouragement.

While the detailed shots were being made our hair designer Ruthie, and makeup artist Julie, were both adding their own talented expertise. Ruthie, a high schooler (and my sister), went to work designing and putting together our model Nina's hair. Though being so young, Ruthie came to the collaboration with such professionalism and talent. You would have thought that this hair style was done by a seasoned professional.

Now Julie is a seasoned professional, and boy does it show! As soon as she walked into the room you knew who the makeup artist was. Her own makeup was on point and effortless. Again, having never met our model she was able to showcase all of Nina's best features through the power of exquisite makeup! After this collaboration our model Nina was getting married for real just one week later. She hired both Ruthie and Julie for her own wedding day!

Finally, the look was completed by the dress. The centerpiece of every bride's dream. It feels a little odd about to brag about my own work. But I have to say, this is one of the dresses I am the most proud of. Nina and I had many fittings to get it right, and the day of she looked like a dream! Every ruffle, every flounce the skirt made brought everything together. I got to be the official "poofer" of the skirt (one of my favorite jobs!).

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Professionals Mentioned:

Photographer: Joni Loraine Photography

Hair Designer: Ruthie Pearce

Makeup Artist: Julie Drescher

Dress Designer: Couture Marie (myself)

Professionals Coming up in Part Two and Three:

Floral/Decor/Accessories: Creekwood Designs (Tiffany)

Venue: Abbey Road Farm (Carlton, OR)

Desserts: Custom Cakes by Amanda

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