Romance At Abbey Road Farm: Part 2

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Abbey Road Farm was brilliant that day. This venue is one of the most diverse venues I have been to, as you will see in the photos! They have a bed and breakfast, several outdoor spaces for events, as well as spacious indoor locations! Kristen the owner/coordinator was so laid back with all of our ideas for scenes and allowed us to do our thing!

There is something so special about a first look. Even at a fake wedding! After the detail shots were taken and our bride and groom were pampered and prepped, we gathered to the ceremony site for the first look. Ian's face (our groom) says it all!

The accessories, floral bouquets, boutonnières, and all the scene decor, was designed and put together by Tiffany from Creekwood Designs. Tiffany was so much fun to work with! She has such a good eye for design and puts together breathtaking scenes! She created so many beautiful floral arrangements with flowers made of wood! She also made accessories for the outfits that went perfectly with my own dress designs!

Before the dress change we wanted to photograph our cute couple in a few more locations around Abbey Road Farm. Joni (photographer) once again captured the romance of the farm with our couple! We definitely achieved our goal of showcasing all of our talents and expertise by working together and making this collaboration look amazing! Who wouldn't want to hire us!?

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Professionals Mentioned:

Floral/Decor/Accessories: Creekwood Designs (Tiffany)

Venue: Abbey Road Farm (Carlton, OR)

Professionals Coming up in Part Three:

Desserts: Custom Cakes by Amanda

All The Professionals That Participated:

Photographer: Joni Loraine Photography

Hair Designer: Ruthie Pearce

Makeup Artist: Julie Drescher

Dress Designer: Couture Marie (myself)

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