Slipping Into the '30s

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

How to pull off a subtle eclectic theme in true Portland fashion!

Step One: Venue

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The Firehouse Restaurant PDX has that historic, urban quality to it, which makes it a perfect place to host your eclectic themed wedding. It's small and intimate, perfect for a modest ceremony, and/or a destination reception!

Do you have a sophisticated palate? Even if you don't, with the food from the Firehouse you will acquire one! The Firehouse caters some of the finest quality cuisine! It's part of who they are as a one of a kind urban chic location and restaurant! Perfect for Portland's foodie culture!

Step Two: The Dress

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The first couple of steps in custom design is research and inspiration. The Firehouse was the perfect inspiration for me when I went about designing and then creating this one of a kind wedding dress. The Firehouse has such a warm inviting feel that I wanted to contrast that feeling with a sexy '30's inspired wedding dress.

Pairing the soft drape of this wedding dress with the brick, stone, and wood made a perfect match. Part of keeping with Portland's culture is doing something unique and a custom wedding dress is a way to accomplish that!

Step Three: Floral & Decor

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If you want something different that none of your friends have seen or done before, why not get hand crafted wood flowers!

If you plan to spend money on floral arrangements, get something that will last! These wooden flowers look better than silk and are environmentally friendly! Creekwood Designs not only put together a killer bouquet but also arranged and designed the greenery for the ceremony site! Tiffany (owner) also created some matching accessories, and a boutonniere!

The floral and decor brings everything together. It's unique and brings Portlands love of urban gardening to the wedding!

Step Four: All The Details

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Everyone else you choose to be a part of your big day should reflect your values! Like booking a local hair and makeup artist who wants to bring out your inner Hollywood star. Or a photographer who loves traveling to her Portland clients so she can be a part of their big day!

Your music, the officiant, day of wedding coordinator, even the people you invite should all be there because they elevate you and the love of your life! Choose the wedding pro's and items that speak to you, and everything else will fall into place.

Wedding Professionals Mentioned and Featured:

Venue: The Firehouse PDX

Dress: Couture Marie

Floral/Decor: Creek Wood Designs

Hair & Makeup: Jovana Combs Beauty

Photography: Stephanie Ford Photography

The wedding you see depicted above was a modeled style shoot, collaborated on by the wedding professionals mentioned above!

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